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Sephora Reviews

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  • No going back from this one...

    I'm a VIB Rouge at Sephora. In other words, I spend good money there every year...until this year. I'm offered the 3 day shipment for free, not only did my order not arrived on time, I spent half a day trying to get a hold of someone at Sephora or the shipping company they use. This package was my mothers birthday gift. When I finally got a hold of someone the girl from Sephora just said: "sorry, it's not our fault it's late" end of story...and end of my relationship with Sephora :) I ended up going to Nordstroom so my mom can have a gift on time. I will get my... More...
    FabulousGG's Picture   FabulousGG    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude staff, worst shopping experince ever

    I went to Sydney Sephora store today and end up buying nothing. When I was about to leave, the security stopped me and wanted to check my bag (He didn't do that to any other customers before me) He found a YSL lip gloss in my bag which I bought a week ago from Myer. Then he treated me like a thief and called another girl staff to come over and check. What they did in that 5 minutes was keep asking why my lip gloss looks so new even though I already told them I bought it a week ago. It is ridiculous that they don't even go check the YSL counter or surveillance camera to see if... More...
    AllyChen613's Picture   AllyChen613    4 Comments   Comments
  • Treated like I was totally invisible while actively shopping

    I went into a Sephora store about a week ago, the greeter did not greet me, I was actively looking for over $75 in specific products, after 15 minutes in the store (which was totally empty by the way) I finally had to ask, since apparently no Sephora employee could see me looking all over the store for some products. I literally had 7 employees pass me without asking even if I needed help, I called corporate and received an email from the store manager who I spoke with on the phone, she promised me that they'd make this up to me with some perks which she explained on the phone and... More...
    Henkholveck's Picture   Henkholveck    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora -- worst phone customer service in history, cheat on shipping fees

    Placed an order with Sephora online -- that's easy. Really needed the products because I was leaving on a trip and only had a one-day window at home to pack. Order large enough to get free shipping. BUT since I needed it pronto, paid extra for one-day shipping to get it here on the one day I'd be home. Received email from Sephora on a Friday -- this is to confirm your order HAS SHIPPED. Paid for one-day shipping -- it will arrive on Monday, I think. Whew -- just in time to get home late Monday night, pack on Tuesday and leave that afternoon. Home Monday night - NO... More...
    kathyinct's Picture   kathyinct    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora bans me from buying online because I buy too much makeup!!! SERIOUSLY!!

    I used to be a sephora customer for years. I also used to buy lots of makeup as usual. First I am a makeup artist. Second I always gift makeup gifts in christmas or birthdays or any other event. I always buy a lot of expensive full price makeup brands and also used to buy a lot of makeup from their clearance section to give out as gifts and it is a good opportunity to save some money when your spending thousands of dollars on makeup. Lately They banned me from using my account without any warnings. Usually if a customer does a mistake, you give a warning first before you suspend their... More...
    Rouge's Picture   Rouge    0 Comments   Comments
  • Everything about sephora is the worst.

    Sephora is hands down the worst place to shop. They are so rude unhelpful and follow you around the store but rarely ever ask if you need help and if they do they are in your face and talking to you like you're stupid. They shouldn't be able to color match people they will 90% of the time give you the wrong color. The worst is when you're in the store and you can actually hear them talking about you. More...

    Loyalty program? I am loyal to sephora and now what? They banned me from buying too much!! I spend $3000-$5000 a year on sephora! I do not buy cheap brand! I been buying from them for 5 years! I do have enough money! I dont need to resell their products! Why should I do so? Other people can't buy sephora or what? They banned me because one time I brought 15 Naked 3. My explanation is that It was my birthday during that time and we have games in the party and Naked 3 was one of the prizes. The costumer service was so rude when I called! She was like we are not believing u so please... More...
    nirada's Picture   nirada    1 Comments   Comments
  • Example: Sephora charged different price

    I had a bad experience with Sephora Canada online. When I ordered from their online site, it said the total price would be $86.45. Then when I pressed okay to pay, the price changed to $93.54. When I emailed them they told me that they are no longer paying duties. That's fine, but it doesn't explain why I was given one price (which is the price I agreed to pay) and then charged another price. I also sent them a screenshot with the original price. The response was just a list of the new cost. Their customer service is terrible. Like so many companies, I find they're fine when... More...
    V1ck's Picture   V1ck    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora banned me for the reason of reselling!

    I am a VIB ROUGE customer at Sephora, I do share my accounts with my friends who loves make ups and everything else! Recently, sephora is offering a 15% off for VIB and VIB ROUGE customers, so when I trying to put orders online, they were all cancelled, called customer service and said my account was DEACTIVATED because I am reselling products!! Who is stupid enough to purchase from sephora at a full price plus taxes and sell to someone else? just cannot believe it, and now i have to drive 2 hours to make purchases in stores! PS, all the order we placed online are around $500, so no... More...
    leeeee's Picture   leeeee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Does Not Accept Returns at Store

    A couple weeks ago, I went to Sephora at Northgate's JCPenney's near my work in Seattle to purchase a concealer palette. Since they did not have the product available, they helped me process an order for it instore, it just came in the mail a few days ago. The product didn't work for me and was the first thing I've ever tried to return to Sephora, it had no lasting power or coverage so I tried to return it at the Northgate Sephora inside JCPenneys'. I had a very rude cashier who proceeded to tell me that I can't return the product at their location because it... More...
    jennc9211's Picture   jennc9211    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Servicd

    I went into the Sephora at Memorial City Mall in Houston, TX for an express eye makeup service on a Friday when they definitely weren't busy. Right away I didn't feel welcomed. Nobody greeted me and when I asked one of the girls who I can speak to about an express service, she directed me to the rudest sales person I've ever met. I approached the woman with a very kind demeanor and said "hi how are you?" very politely. She just looked at me with a stuck up attitude and didn't say anything. So I continued by asking her of the express eye service. She began to... More...
    mak385's Picture   mak385    2 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service EVER

    Sephora & Sephora JC Penny's are not interchangeable. You can use a Sephora gift card at Penny's but not the other way around. This was a gift and the disappointment for my daughter was heart breaking. Talking to the manager at Geneva commons was no help and the 800 customer service line at Sephora is a joke. Trying to reach the corporate office was just as bad. No was is willing to step up to help to make this right and they really do not care. They are willing to lose a VIB rouge customer over this. They are penny wise but pound foolish. Since I can't seem to... More...
    Phyllisjsert's Picture   Phyllisjsert    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora's gift wrap is a joke

    I have never ever written an online complaint before this moment. I ordered a Christmas gift for my sister and sent it directly to her house. There was an option for gift wrapping so I figured I'd be safe in doing so. I chose a bag and got to write a gift message. She gets the package today and I told her to go ahead and open it because I had paid to have it wrapped. NOPE! My sister is very enthusiastic about Christmas and tradition and is the kind of person who hates knowing what their gift is beforehand. Worst part for me is that THE INVOICE was in the box with prices on it!!!!!... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    VaJenna's Picture   VaJenna    0 Comments   Comments
  • sephora columbus ave

    went to the sophora store on 808 columbus ave with my family and was completely ignored until i started helping myself and sampling some products i was interested in.The security guard stared me down the entire time and When i walked away to a mirror with a blush that was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM he called a female security guard to assist him.To make matters worse my little brother and sister decided to wait in the front because of how uncomfortable he was making them feel he then asked my little sister who is 10 years old "do you have the blush i think your friend stole it" and locked... More...
    maple1989's Picture   maple1989    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora blacklisted me

    Sephora blacklisted my account because i made too many returns. I spend over 4K per year on their products. I always like to order online for their free samples and if my items is less than 50 dollars, I will keep the item i wanted and return other. I had been doing this for over a year and now they block every account. I have account with 5K points perk and they blocked their account from buying online. More...
    hoqt's Picture   hoqt    6 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora let me down

    I spent over one thousand dollars on sephora in a year. And these I ordered some items again. One of the item was wrong, so i call them to change. They told me to ship the wrong item back, and I get the refund. But the item that I wanted is not in stock any longer. But I really need to get that in time to give to my girlfriend as a gift. But some guy just insisted that I ship the wrong item back, and I get nothing, only the refund. Who gives shit to the refund. I want the item that I bought. Because of the mistake you made, I cannot get the item I want and I cannot make another purchase... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    maosong's Picture   maosong    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude, Ignorant, Fast Pace, No eye contact Workers :(

    I decided to change my make up type to Sephora since Ive always been a MAC make up lover. So I go there and try to get help on what foundation is best and the Lady keep talking fast like if she was helping another person, how Rude. Then she leaves me looking at the foundations, hello I need a color matching foundation?? So I waited and I had to go ask her. Then she comes back and put a really dark color foundation on me, I am not that dark. I wasn't satisfied! I thought that I rather just be with MAC because they have great service and helps you nicely with their own time. Those... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    susanher21's Picture   susanher21    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very rude staff/ always out of Laura mercier foundation

    I shop at Sephora in Albuquerque, NM. I love the make up but their customer service is by far the worst ever! The girls get irritated when you ask them for assistance and one old man was very arrogant. Every single time I go in they are out of my make up color and all they say is "order on line". Well I was totally out of my foundation so how is that going to help me right now? All your staff needs some customer service classes on how to treat your customers with respect. Remember I'm buying from you and probably paying your pay check. So beautiful girls with those bad... More...
    Eme001's Picture   Eme001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Returns not processed - do not use Sephora's free shipping label

    WARNING:do not use Sephora's free shipping label to return items. I had sent 2items back more than a month ago and did not get my refund. I have emailed and called Sephora many times and all they ask me to do is wait another week and call back. Customer service have been extremely unhelpful with my situation. I am currently still trying to resolve this matter and it is such a hassle and waste of time. If Sephora is not going to do anything about it, I will stop purchasing from them forever. It will show that this is a company that does not care about their customers and have very poor... More...
    Yxquek's Picture   Yxquek    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora Cutomer Service

    I recently ordered an expensive perfume set as a gift on line . I opted for the red bag. When it came I realized it was not going to do. I wrote cutomer service and asked if I could buy a Sephora gift box. I was told that it was against policy to sell gift boxes without purchasing a gift. I explained that I had indeed purchased a gift but the red bag look cheap. They told me to keep the bag and they would give me a $2.00 credit on future purchase. I don't feel the least bit compelled to order from Sephora again. I asked them to look at my purchases to validate that it was a recent... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    BoyHowdy's Picture   BoyHowdy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost package during transit

    I purchased some items from on November 2. While waiting for my shipment, I received several emails from Sephora saying that they have shipped the package, and I shall received it within certain time period. I have also got an email saying that it is past the custom, and tracking number is such and such. I have been checking online for where my package stands, and emailing them constantly. And, on Nov 13th, I checked on Canadapost, and it stated that the package has been delivered, yet I have not received it. So I emailed them, and they told me to check with the Security Guard... More...
    kyungchris's Picture   kyungchris    0 Comments   Comments
  • On line order

    Not user friendly website. They sent email with 20% discount but when you placed the order, you can never find a place to fill the code for the discount. Wrote the email to them right away but only generate a number with no reply for 2 days. Called them up, they said order already sent out, nothing they can do, especially the items I ordered is no longer available. More...
    edwychan's Picture   edwychan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora charges wrong sales tax

    Sephora consistently charges me the wrong tax rate for online purchases. PA sales tax is 6% except in Allegheny County (7%) and Philadelphia County (8%). I live in Beaver County but am always charged 7%. I have spoken to and emailed customer service and they tell me there is nothing they can do - the computer determines how much sales tax to charge. Clearly, they need a new program since this one is overcharging customers! More...
    FEDUP999's Picture   FEDUP999    0 Comments   Comments
  • Store on 2164 Broadway NYC

    I have been to this store about 10 times and every time it has been a major disappointment. Most of the times I have to wonder around to find a sales associates, then when/if I find one he/she is rarely polite - they all pretent to be super busy even if the store is empty. I asked for a face cream and they gave me a cleanser, I asked for an organic lotion for sensitive skin and then next day my skin broke out, I asked for some glossy lipstick and then handed me a stainer. I have gone to many other Sephora locations and never had these many problems. The attitude in the particular branch is... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    puyasoiu's Picture   puyasoiu    1 Comments   Comments
  • The last time I'll shop with Sephora

    It takes a lot for me to write a review, I either have to be very impressed or VERY disappointed. Sephora seems to have changed in the last few years. I came back to the website after shopping elsewhere. What a mistake! My order took nearly THREE weeks and this was after they cancelled it two weeks after the initial order. I am missing several things that were on sale (apparently that's why they cancelled it) Umm.....hello?! Why have these items on the website if they are not available? Kind of like a bait and switch thing, I feel. I wrote to the customer service department and... More...
    Goldengate1's Picture   Goldengate1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst online shopping experience!!! Do not go there!!!

    It was the first time and I swear the only time that I will ever shop on Sephora website. I have done online shopping many times from different countries, but Sephora was so so so uniquely bad. Here%u2019s what happened. 1. Too long: it took them 3 weeks to ship from US to Canada. Ha%u2026%u2026%u2026.I guess the items must%u2019ve been around the globe. 2. Missing item: one of my items was missing from the package and instead they put something else in it. I called the customer services. They asked me to go to the post office and send the wrong item back. I said %u2013 no, I%u2019m not... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    DDMM's Picture   DDMM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Canceled Order and 15% Discount

    Sephora sent me a 15% discount via direct mail and email. I purchased 8 items from the online store. The total was about $183. The next day, I received the following email: We apologize, but your recent order # 1178382290-01 was cancelled due to out of stock items. Whenever possible, we will replace this order with all available merchandise. You will receive a new order confirmation email within a few moments. All shipping and billing selections will remain the same, as well as any samples and promotions unless substitutions are necessary.  In the event that all merchandise items in... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Cincygirl's Picture   Cincygirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stressed & Disappointed

    I am a long time consumer with Sephora and spend what, to me, is a lot of hard-earned money. However, my last online purchase experience was a nightmare. The total was nearly $350 dollars and as I was waiting what seemed to be an unusually long time for shipment confirmation, I received an email saying my order was cancelled. I called customer service and they said one item was missing at the warehouse so they cancelled it. I asked if he could replace the item with something of equal cost and still send the order. He said yes, made the changes, and said to expect a notice in a few days.... More...
    consumer03's Picture   consumer03    1 Comments   Comments

    Do NOT USE SEPHORA'S "FREE RETURN LABEL". The post office said that I couldn't add delivery confirmation to their postage without paying the full return shipping. Now 3 weeks later, still no refund & no explanation from Sephora's so called "customer service". I've sent several emails & all dance around issue. Have filed complaint with credit card company & about to file one with state Attorney General's office! NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE!!!!!!!! Oh boy, just got pulldown menu for help from Sephora after no refund in over 41 days!! Wow!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lv2shop's Picture   lv2shop    0 Comments   Comments
  • Discretionary Return Policy not uniformly applied- possibly discriminatory

    I've visited the Fair Oaks Mall Virginia Sephora multiple times. Every time I've regretted it due to what I believe is racial profiling and age profiling practices. This time, however; Fair Oaks Mall Virginia Sephora refused to accept a return despite their policy, saying they have discretion to deny returns a statement that was endorsed by the national customer service line representative, even though the written policy has no mention of that. Every single time I've been in the Fair Oaks Mall Virginia Sephora I have been followed around the store by a customer service... More...
    jsweet's Picture   jsweet    12 Comments   Comments
  • Perfume guy works at 5th ave in perfume section

    I hate sephora cause of one employe that works their. 49th 5thave . He is so rude. He works in Perfume Section and he was more into looking at my boobs then selling me perfumes. Sephora need to hire some classy decent employes this is why i hate going to that store every time I walk in their that guy is looking at every women boobs and he gave his personal card with all information. He is Asian its hard to remember his name it starts with W More...
    Melodyali's Picture   Melodyali    0 Comments   Comments
  • they are very uninformed and lie

    they are very pretentious. they always try to misguide me to buy the products they ned to sell. they lie about products just to get them sold aswell constantly.when i return something im treated like a criminal haha. they look inside and ask for my id ans signature when i have my reciept and spend thousand a month there. well, not any more and im returning everything i bought there in the last 30 days.they dont care about you or your skin just the bank they need for the day and products of the as i go in they let me know that they know who i am and laugh.and yesterday a new sales... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    tisk's Picture   tisk    0 Comments   Comments
  • left upset

    I shop at Sephora for all my makeup face wash and nail polish, and yesterday i left extremely confused and upset, i've been using the same foundation and build able coverage since this store location at polo park Winnipeg opened. when i went in i went straight to a sales associate and asked if she could show me where the product i wanted was, (i even had the old containers). they didn't carry it anymore which sucks but is understandable. when she tried to show me something else, the colors were totally different and when i asked her if this was the same she said "i think so,... More...
    sgtpahl's Picture   sgtpahl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Used Makeup brushes

    I was thrilled to receive my Sephora makeup brushes which were $60, and I've been an ongoing customer and had no problems. Up until I recieved it today. It was packaged like it was new, but as soon as I opened the makeup brushes, I was concerned. There was little glitters as I glided my hands on the brushes, pretty much it was everywhere. and two of the brushes had plastic covers and the rest didn't? One of the brushes had some white stuff in it, i don't even want to know what it is. Why would they send me "used" makeup brushes? Thats disgusting!!! Omg now I'm... More...
  • Store customer review

    I just visited the Sephora store at the Promenade mall in Temecula and left extremely upset. I shop at this Sephora often and refer my friends to many products there but this visit left me with a very bad taste. I was going through some clearance products and noticed a Tarina Tarantino silver cream eyeshadow out of its case that had been slightly tampered with but i didn't mind as long as i just wiped out the spot that had been previously touched. When i went to purchase the eyeshadow, the cashier (short platinum blonde hair in an edgy bob cut. I called and they told me her name was... More...
    joleennguyen's Picture   joleennguyen    2 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora NOT Canada friendly

    The first of my complaints is with their pricing structure. Canadians are charged an average 15% more for items when converted to Canadian dollars (from their US base price). In case nobody at Sephora has noticed, the Cdn/US exchange rate has been either at or above par for nearly a year now. They are using a rate of exchange that that we have not seen since 2008. Do not be fooled by them telling you this price reflects taxes and duties on your order, because those charges are added IN ADDITION to the item pricing, at the bottom of your order. Price gouging much? I wrote letter to... More...
    meverhart's Picture   meverhart    5 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service at Store

    I went to Sephora store at Chevy Chase, Maryland, to try to get some refund money I could not see back in my bank account. After a few minutes between talking with a seller and the manager (Maria), the manager tried to identify the problem. Waiting for a few more minutes, she found that I received the refund in cash at the same day, thing I didn't remember and all of us- the manager, the seller and I- could not see that that information was written at the receipt. The problem here is that the manager was really rude when she understood the mistake we all made. She was even... More...
    LuFV's Picture   LuFV    1 Comments   Comments
  • expedited shipping is a joke

    I placed an order with 8 days ago, with 3 day shipping. As of today, the order still has not even shipped. I have e-mailed and called, only to be sent a generic e-mail (which made it obvious they had not even looked at my order) or told "it looks like its shipping today". 2 days later, it still has not shipped. I was told I would be given 100 extra VIB points "for my trouble". Really? Any other business would have had the order at my house with normal shipping by now. How about just getting the product ordered (and paid for) to the customer in the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Pavloff's Picture   Pavloff    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad experience

    i was in sephora the other dayy and they made me very uncomfortable they acted like i was about to steal some makeup every where i went some employee was following me & the lady handed me a basket for two things ! the last straw was when the lady looked in my basket to see if i had the same stuff i gave her the stuff and left More...
    candy504's Picture   candy504    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sephora can deactivate a gift card whenever they want!

    I had a Sephora gift card worth over $160. I checked the balance in May and it was fine. When I checked it again in June, it had been deactivated and the whole $160 just disappeared. No one at Sephora seems to know why. I get the runaround each and every time I try to talk to someone. A letter to the CEO has been ignored. So consumers beware, if Sephora wants your money, all they have to do is deactivate your gift card. Can you imagine the amount of money they can make by doing that just once in a while! More...
    bpesch's Picture   bpesch    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never, ever, ever going back into Sephora

    My two sisters and I walked into Sephora and asked if they would have time that day to do a consultation for one of my sisters. We were willing to come back when there was an available time. The woman we spoke to (yes, the MANAGER) said that everyone was on lunch at that time. I commented that we could come back when it was a better time. I started to ask if they would have time that day, and the manager interrupted me and just yelled out "NO!" We all stared at her in shock, she turned on her heel and walked away. I've never had good experiences at the Madison, Wi. store and... More...
  • Unprompt shipping

    I placed an online order with them on Wednesday March 10, 2010. The billed my CC at once (how nice), but they shipped my order FOUR calendar days later (excluding Wednesday)--on Monday March 15, 2010. When I contacted their customer service re my order, they just sent me a standard e-mail about their shipping procedures (did they even read my e-mail?). I am long-time customer and a Beauty Insider, and I am very disappointed with Sephora. More...
    LittlLilly's Picture   LittlLilly    0 Comments   Comments

    OK so b-day gift offers! Well each year they send you a little free gift thing... But every single year it's actually something different then what they advertized that you get!!! I mean really why bother sending a gift if it's going to be something totally different that you will be getting?! I know it's free and all but the one that they actually sent as the gift seemed really too good to be true and it was!!!! More...
    bbb081's Picture   bbb081    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service

    I wish I read the reviews on this site before I bought from Sephora. They shipped my order (my birthday present to myself) minus my free Sephora birthday present, perks, or free samples and then didn't answer my emails to the help department. So I finally called and the "help" line rep basically said it must have been my fault and offered nothing in the way of help. Not even to ship the items at a later date. The perks and freebies were pretty much the only reason to order from sephora. They are pricey and the stuff is almost always readily available elsewhere. My... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    asb25's Picture   asb25    0 Comments   Comments
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